Individuals are invited to check out the list of single-stall gender neutral restroom spaces listed on this page and to contact the Multicultural Resource Center if they have any questions.

A Unisex restroom on campus is defined as a single-stall public restroom for use by people of any gender. Unisex restrooms are utilized to create a comfortable restroom facility for people who may experience difficulty and inconvenience when required to use gender-specific restrooms.

Family Style Unisex Accessible Restrooms (FSUAR) are single-stall public restrooms that are also fully accessible per the Americans with Disabilites Act.  They are designed to offer a safe experience for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming community members as well as being avaialbe to people with specific disabilities. 

Please see the list below for available Unisex and FSUAR spaces. If you have information on other restroom facilities that are not listed here, please email Josh Burford.

For a complete map of available restrooms: UNC Charlotte Gender Neutral Bathrooms




Completed Accessible All Gender Restrooms

Building & Location

J. Murray Atkins Library: G40

College of Health & Human Services: 110

Colvard: 2007

Fretwell: 135A

Robinson: 148A

Storrs: 150

Student Activity Center: 105A

Student Activity Center: 133

Student Union: 2 available - both next to the movie theater

Woodward: 245B


Planned Construction for Completed Accessible All Gender Restrooms

Building & Location

Smith: 248A (Design/Construction FY17)

McEniry: 122 (Design/Construction FY17)

College of Education: Location TBD (Design TBA)

Friday: Location TBD (Design TBA)

Rowe: Location TBD (Design TBA)


All Gender Restrooms

Building & Location

Belk Gym: 016A (Unisex, single restroom with shower)

Belk Gym: 016B (Unisex, single restroom with shower)

Cone Center:  171A

Cone Center:  171B

Duke: 141

Duke: 142

EPIC: G104

Kennedy: 140

Kennedy: 142

Kennedy: 224

Kennedy: 225

Kennedy: 318A

Kennedy: 318B

Macy: 100A

Reese: 008