UNC Charlotte is commited to building Unisex Accessible Restrooms across campus to make selecting a restroom easier for all our students, faculty, and staff. 

Individuals are invited to check out the list of single-stall gender neutral restroom spaces listed on this page and to contact the Multicultural Resource Center if they have any questions.

A Unisex restroom on campus is defined as a single-stall public restroom for use by people of any gender. Unisex restrooms are utilized to create a comfortable restroom facility for people who may experience difficulty and inconvenience when required to use gender-specific restrooms.

Family Style Unisex Accessible Restrooms (FSUAR) are single-stall public restrooms that are also fully accessible per the Americans with Disabilites Act.  They are designed to offer a safe experience for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming community members as well as being avaialbe to people with specific disabilities. 

Please see the list below for available Unisex and FSUAR spaces. For a complete map of available restrooms: UNC Charlotte Gender Neutral Bathrooms



Completed Accessible All Gender Restrooms

Building & Location

  • J. Murray Atkins Library: G40
  • College of Health & Human Services: 110
  • Colvard: 2007
  • Fretwell: 135A
  • Robinson: 148A
  • Storrs: 150
  • Student Activity Center: 105A
  • Student Activity Center: 133
  • Student Union: 2 available - both next to the movie theater
  • Woodward: 245B

Planned Construction for Completed Accessible All Gender Restrooms

Building & Location

  • Smith: 248A (Design/Construction FY17)
  • McEniry: 122 (Design/Construction FY17)
  • College of Education: Location TBD (Design TBA)
  • Friday: Location TBD (Design TBA)
  • Rowe: Location TBD (Design TBA)

All Gender Restrooms

Building & Location

  • Belk Gym: 016A (Unisex, single restroom with shower)
  • Belk Gym: 016B (Unisex, single restroom with shower)
  • Cone Center:  171A
  • Cone Center:  171B
  • Duke: 141
  • Duke: 142
  • EPIC: G104
  • Kennedy: 140
  • Kennedy: 142
  • Kennedy: 224
  • Kennedy: 225
  • Kennedy: 318A
  • Kennedy: 318B
  • Macy: 100A
  • Reese: 008