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Name Change


UNC Charlotte currently does not have a set policy in place for students to change their gender marker within their University record.

However, if a student has legally changed their gender marker and can show proof through a government issued document (including driver's license, birth certificate, passport) they can change this record utilizing the Name Change Form found at The Office of the Registrar.  Students would complete the Name Change Form and mark with an asterisk (*) that they need their gender marker changed.


UNC Charlotte does allow students to change their name for the following reasons accompanied by the appropriate documentation:


Copy of marriage certificate or signed security card


Copy of divorce decree stating you may resume the use of your maiden name or name confirmed by court or signed social security card

Legal Name

Name change document confirmed by the court or signed social security card


Driver's License or signed social security card


Trans students have the option of using a preferred name for Canvas, email, and on their UNC Charlotte ID card.  Once a preferred name is entered it should not be changed, unless there is a legal name change. Both systems will show only your preferred name (ex. Smith, John).

If you wish to request a Preferred Name, you can do so through Self Service Banner. In order to do so, follow these steps:

1. Log into Click on the personal information tab.

2. Click again on the top option, personal information.

3. Click Update Nickname/Casual.

4. Click Update, listed in the center on the botttom of the page.

5. Input your preferred first name.

If you have any question or are having difficulty navigating, please send an email from your UNC Charlotte email address including your UNC Charlotte ID number, current name, and the preferred name that is being requested to Rachael Forester or Erica Lennon. Requests sent from an email address other than the UNC Charlotte email will not be processed. Once a preferred name is entered it should not be changed, unless there is a legal name change.

Students have the option to not be listed in the directory by completeing the Disclosure of Directory Information Form.

The Office of the Registrar handles all name changes for the University.


Some students may wish to use a preferred first name in classes that differs from their legal name or their name in email/Canvas.  It is best to contact your professors PRIOR to the beginning of the semester to inform them of your wishes.  Below are two drafts of letters students have used here at UNC Charlotte to inform their professors.  The first is just a generic document asking the professor to use a preferred name and the second includes additional information about trans resources.

Preferred Name Draft

Preferred Name with Trans Resources Draft