October 2008  

OUTSpoken (a partnership between the Women's & Gender Studies Program, the Counseling Center, the Multicultural Resource Center, and PRIDE) brought trans* activist and preformance artist, Kate Bornstein, to campus to speak to the campus community.

February 2008  

The Multicultural Resource Center created the Assistant Director for Sexual/Gender Diversity position that focuses in part on supporting LGBTQ students.

Summer of 2008  

The Safe Zone Ally program relaunches under the Multicultural Resource Center.

Summer of 2008

Terms like "Transgender" appear on the Multicultural Resource Center, OUTSpoken, and Safe Zone websites.  Students begin to come out more as trans* and seek services from Safe Zone Allies and the Multicultural Resource Center.

Fall 2008 

The first Transgender Taskforce meeting comes out of the Safe Zone Ally program with a small group of interested allies.

2008-2009 Academic Year 

The Transgender Taskforce researches best practices for trans* students.

2009-2010 Academic Year 

The Transgender Taskforce adopts its new name the Transgender Committee and begins to research possible consultants. 

Spring 2010 

The Multicultural Resource Center hosts a webinar on Transgender Inclusion in Higher Education hosted by Jessica Pettitt.

October 2010  

Jessica Pettitt comes to UNC Charlotte for two days of training with Transgender Committee Members and campus as well as community partners.  This effort is funded by the Alliance For Full Acceptance, the Wesley Mancini Foundation and the Multicultural Resource Center.

2010-2011 Academic Year 

The Transgender Committee adopts it's new name, the Trans* Committee, and begins the process of individual departments investigating polices and procedures.

April 2011 

The Student Government Association at UNC Charlotte passed a resolution calling for the addition of "gender identity and/or expression" to Policy Statement #98 regarding the school's non-discrimination policy.

October 2011

The Faculty Senate unanimously vote to add "gender identity and/or expression" to Policy Statement #98 regarding our non-discrimination policy.

December 20, 2011 

UNC Charlotte officially changes their non-discrimination policy to include gender identity and/or expression.