Carolina Transgender Society

Carolina Transgender Society

Carolina Transgender Society (CTS) formerly KAPPA BETA, is a social and support group for people identifying as members of the "TRANSGENDER" community (i.e. crossdresser, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, etc.) and their families. Our membership is open to all members of the Transgender Community and their wives/husbands or significant others. We are a social and support group with the goal of helping our members accept and become comfortable with them self.

Carolina Transgender Society is not a sex club or dating service and will not respond to solicitations.

Carolina Transgender Society (formerly KAPPA BETA) was founded in 1988 as the first North Carolina chapter of the Society of the Second Self (more commonly known as "TRI-ESS"), but has now dropped that affiliation because that organization is not inclusive of the transgender continuum. We are centrally located in Charlotte and have been serving NC and surrounding states for over 20 years with a significant following in many areas of both North and South Carolina, and attract members from as far away as Virginia and Kentucky.

We meet on the third Saturday of each month primarily at mainstream public hotels and gay/lesbian restaurants. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to pass or be wealthy to become a member. There are no age restrictions, except that attendees must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

The first and foremost purpose of Carolina Transgender Society is to provide a private secure location for people that want to dress in a gender different than their biological gender. CTS is a place to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening, meeting people with like desires and share conversation with people just like yourself. A place to laugh, feel free, and not to have to look over your shoulder and ask, "can anyone see me except those I want to see me?"

That is why Security and Privacy are very important concerns for our membership. We are particular about whom we invite to our meetings, as well as who we invite to join us on a regular basis as full members. Those who are able to join us find it is worth their time. For information on joining CTS please contact our InfoLady. We do not collect personal information about our members and do not sell or otherwise provide information on our members.

Who are our members? What is our dress code? Look around your office, look around a mall; you will see different types of people with different styles of dress. That is the same as it is in the Transgender society and that is what you will find at a CTS meeting.

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